About Laurie

I’m a landscape photographer and writer based in Colorado. I first picked up a camera at the age of 12 and started snapping photos of everything from family vacations to my dad working in the backyard. Each week, I would send my film off to one of those mail-order processing companies and wait impatiently for the photos to come back. When I relocated to Colorado in the mid-90s, I discovered the landscapes of the Rocky Mountains and the Southwest,  and that's when I started to get serious about photography.

I’m mostly a self-taught photographer, and I feel fortunate that I learned most of my skills while shooting film. Back then, there was no delete button or editing software, which forced me to effectively learn exposure and composition. Then, along came digital with a whole new learning curve for me to tackle.  I only do minimal editing to remove shadows or enhance highlights in the scene; I don't add elements to an image that weren't there when I took the photo. I’ve shot with both Canon and Nikon digital camera bodies and a variety of lenses. After 25 years of photographing landscapes, I am still learning.

My work has been published in print and online publications including EARTH Magazine, AAA Midwest Traveler, and PopSci.com. I’m also the author of a travel guidebook, Utah Canyon Country: 20 Must-See Sites and Short Hikes, which was illustrated with 100 of my original photos. The book won the gold medal in its category in the 2019 Independent Publisher Awards.

I love photographing deserts, canyons, islands, and mountains, and I’m happiest when I’m heading off on a photography road trip. Even when I go to places I’ve been many times before, I’m always looking for a new angle or perspective.

The images on this site are available for purchase as prints. If you have illustration needs for a travel article, please contact me.

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